Professional Writers Association of Canada

2015 Conference Sessions Now Available Online

Missed the PWAC Conference sessions during our June AGM and Conference? No worries: you can watch them right here.



Click on the images below to view a short preview.

The Business of Business Writing:
Bryan Borzykowski and YvetteTrancoso

Bryan Borzykowski and Yvette Trascoso told audience members how to pitch to them. They're actively seeking writers who can produce well-crafted business stories for a dollar a word.

Doing Business with Government:
donalee Moulton

donalee Moulton shared two decades worth of experience bidding on and winning government contracts. Including how to tell if you're chances are nil so you don't waste a lot of time bidding. (Dale Kerr was not able to take part in the presention due to illness.)

Doing Business with the Non-Profit Sector:
Kim Lear and Karen Luttrell

Kim Lear and Karen Luttrell shared their practical secrets for identifying non-profit sector organizations that have money to spend for writing and related skills.

How to be a Happy Writer:
Ann Douglas

Finally, if you follow all of that advice and become a profitable writer, you'll hear from author Ann Douglas about the importance of being a happy writer.


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